European Webinar Series: Ep 1

The path to implementing a conversational strategy with existing resources

Join this webinar to discover how to transform customers’ experience with Conversational AI.

Tuesday 26th April 11:30am - 12:00pm GMT

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The next era of CX is Conversational

With the rise of Conversational AI, most businesses fear the worst: cost. But transforming your CX strategy doesn’t have to break the bank. In this webinar, we teach you how to implement AI messaging using the resources you have already in-house. With over 20 years of experience, LivePerson works with your brand and your people to find the best-fit solution.Whether it’s educating your contact centre staff on conversational agents, to teaching your technical team how to build bots, Liveperson is flexible enough to create tailor made experiences that work for you both internally and for your customers.


Samantha Rosendorff, Director of Sales Consulting at LivePerson

Tom Durbin, Director, EMEA Sales Consulting at LivePerson

Illustration of a woman in an orange sweater in a video call frame
Conversational Design

What does this mean for business leaders and how can your business achieve results with the resources you have, today.

The blueprint for Conversational AI

How can you quickly scale with automation, without losing effectiveness.

Results in weeks

What are the tools you need to supercharge your conversions, gain efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

What's in it for you

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