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Becoming a Conversational telco: the highs, lows, and the pandemic

Shaw Communications and Freedom Mobile on building the foundation in conversational AI and messaging that carried them through the pandemic

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September 29, 2020


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

What to expect:

Hear from Shaw Communications’ Steve Atkinson and Freedom Mobile’s Walker Peters as they take us through their experience implementing messaging and conversational AI, how this foundation was key to effectively managing their COVID-19 response in the midst of unprecedented contact volumes, with a candid look at their successes and the things they wish they knew from the start.

Becoming a Conversational telco: the highs, the lows, and the pandemic

Shaw Communications and their mobile subsidiary Freedom Mobile have been on their journey to become a conversational telco since 2019. While they’ve taken different approaches, both brands have seen success with channel launches, volume shifts, and impressive customer satisfaction. Like any transformation, with their successes have also come challenges like channel adoption and cross-functional buy-in. Shaw’s Steve Atkinson and Freedom’s Walker Peters will walk the audience through the foundation they’ve built with conversational AI and messaging, the challenges they are working through today, and how messaging carried them through unmanageable contact volume during COVID-19.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Shaw and Freedom’s different approaches to rolling out messaging and Conversational AI
  • Which channels are performing the best, with CSAT scores in the high 80’s
  • How they contained 50%+ of COVID customer contact volume with messaging

Program speaker

Meet the innovator

Steve Atkinson

Steve Atkinson is the Vice President of Digital & Self-Serve at Shaw Communications. He is a seasoned IT leader who specializes in transforming IT organizations and has a passion for applying disruptive technology innovations to the customer experience.

Walker Peters

Walker Peters is the Vice President of Customer Service and Operations at Freedom Mobile. Peters has been the driver behind Freedom Mobile’s transition to messaging and Conversational AI, and is passionate about creating a modern, lean contact center operation that creates positive customer and agent experiences.

Steve Atkinson

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