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How Anthem leveraged Conversational AI to make healthcare more accessible

Anthem set the standard for establishing a consumer-focused experience, and provided members the support they needed in the messaging channels they understand — without spending hours on hold

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July 29, 2021


11:00am EDT / 16:00 BST 

What to expect:

Over the course of an hour, Anthem’s Staff VP, Technology, Kumar Gudavalli will walk a small group of senior execs through Anthem’s decision to go Conversational and their progress with messaging and AI, how the healthcare provider drove an increase in messaging volume through IVR deflection, and a peak into a customer centric approach for the future.

Healthcare is a more universal focus than ever before, and with that necessity — and scrutiny — comes a demand for change. Anthem heeded that call, and is now leading the pack in creating streamlined member experiences that make healthcare more accessible and easy to understand for members, while reducing operational costs for the business. They’ve done this through their implementation of Conversational AI. 

Instead of relying on healthcare portals with notoriously difficult-to-navigate UI or 1-800 numbers with long wait times, Anthem leverages LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud to incorporate modern modalities like messaging and automation into everyday care. With tools like IVR deflection to messaging, customers now get the support they need in channels they understand — without spending hours on hold or feeling anxious about not knowing the right questions to ask. Hear Anthem’s Staff VP, Technology, Kumar Gudavalli on: 

  • How Anthem  introduced Conversational AI and messaging into their member engagement strategy
  • The amazing results the provider has driven including an increase in CSAT and in messaging volume
  • Anthem’s near-term vision for Conversational AI including agent-side support through automation

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Kumar Gudavalli
Staff VP, Technology
Kumar Gudavalli

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This is the tenth installment of our Virtual Roundtable series, where we explore how the world’s most innovative brands are incorporating Conversational AI into the entire commerce journey — from discovery and sales to care and reengagement. In a rapidly evolving consumer landscape, it’s imperative that brand leaders learn from one another to navigate shifts in digital, privacy, and personalization to create future-ready experiences. Come together with your peers to discuss how Conversational AI and messaging are shaping what’s next.

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